Saturday, June 27, 2009

ALL I neeD

Is the lOve oF my creW....nOv 18th....everybody eaTs


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


U r mIssed....thAt iS aLL. -_^

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Roasted??? MOre lIke bUrnTTTTT

I'm miNding mIne on my way to chi city and thIs character decides to
steP into my life like anything he will ever say matters....

So I'm combing mY "shawn carter" fro and biggUms decides to let me know
that combing my hair will not makE a differenCe....I toLd the kid thaNks
and guaranteed hIm that I would give him 7 seconds of faMe if hE minded
hIs businEss..sO heRes your guY in the flesH..aLL of iT..

ii can't heLp iT

Evidently the hOmies geT a laUgh oUt of it bUt ii really can't help momma jokes me about it but it still doesn't heLp....u wanna
know what I'm talkin abOut?? WHen ii sit around doIng nOthing, sometimes
my lip jusT haNgs it crazy and hilarious as it may sound, I
really don't know that's what's taKing Place..oH weLL..joE gottI caught
me "hangin " yesterday so I thought iD shAre it with u...eNjoy -_*

DoIn weRk

I'm suPPosed to bee in the navy bUt lately I beeN lookiN like ii wErk
for Dr. House witH omAr ePPs in the background...

I've been done with school for the paSt week now so I just been working
in various clinics doIng vaRious things sUch as x_rays, bULLshitting,
charTing, bUllshItting, aNd filling cavities...typicaL dentistry wOrk
and definitely something I caN get Used to...

ThIs iS my lasT weeK here iN great lakes, iL (thankyou 7lb 7oz babY
Jesus)...onCe I'm done, its bAck to a little pLace im now accustomed to
calling hOme...I mIss mY moMMa, lil siS, aNd esPeciaLLy brOOkLyn....

i waNNa thAnk thOse whO kePt uP with me aNd mY bLog duRing thIs
exPerience....iT haS beeN greaTLy appreciated....aNd to thOse thAt
didn' your life together...-_-

Saturday, June 13, 2009

im sorrY

shes bAd..she wants to fcuK me...l0l... u know the rest

Friday, June 12, 2009


ReaDy tO coMe hOme aNd I'm not cuTTin my hair unTiL ii do!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

thRow it iN the bAg

throw it in light tho....LosOs waY juNe 3oth...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

kevjAmmin...nO reaLLy kev iS jammin

pre_gaMe waRm uP

jUst mE aNd twO of mIne

nOv 18...thEse cloWns decided to shOw uP after the firsT clown )yours truly( ..anD siNce then we been rocKin hOmo. oNe is a n/O sainT and the other is a martian so you know what that maKes me? no really, do you know? because ii dont. these my homies tho. iF u reaL you gonna meeT eM

Tuesday, June 2, 2009