Sunday, June 21, 2009

DoIn weRk

I'm suPPosed to bee in the navy bUt lately I beeN lookiN like ii wErk
for Dr. House witH omAr ePPs in the background...

I've been done with school for the paSt week now so I just been working
in various clinics doIng vaRious things sUch as x_rays, bULLshitting,
charTing, bUllshItting, aNd filling cavities...typicaL dentistry wOrk
and definitely something I caN get Used to...

ThIs iS my lasT weeK here iN great lakes, iL (thankyou 7lb 7oz babY
Jesus)...onCe I'm done, its bAck to a little pLace im now accustomed to
calling hOme...I mIss mY moMMa, lil siS, aNd esPeciaLLy brOOkLyn....

i waNNa thAnk thOse whO kePt uP with me aNd mY bLog duRing thIs
exPerience....iT haS beeN greaTLy appreciated....aNd to thOse thAt
didn' your life together...-_-

1 comment:

    uniforms are so hawt.
    umnnnn so wtf do you do forreal?