Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BLame thE wrisTband

ChArLie bee, CherrY bLack, amberjalldai, aNd speciaL guest Ciroc oBama

OPeraTioN FeLiz cuMpleaNos


ThEy waY ii brought iN my birthdaY is bY far the secOnd besT...the besT
is of coUrse whEn mY moMMa maDe thaT LasT p.u.s.H. aT 10_17 a_m oN march
29...as yOu caN see frOm the pHotos words can't exPlaIn whAt ii got
myseLf iNto thIs weeKend....Gracias to EVERYONE that came out that night
and to thOse who wished me a haPPy bday...iT was greaTLy appreciAted...I
got like 7 messaGes aT 12 a/m sO I can't give that "I was the first to
tell you!!" awaRd to aNyone....SORRY!!!! bUt if Y8-)U were there wiTh me
iN the clUB u didn't haVe anYthing to wOrry aBout...oNce agaIn, thaNk
yoU momma for bringing me in to this worLd and eVeryoNe thaT celebrated
20 yeaRs Life wiTh me!!!

SPeciaL shOotouts to amberjalldai, cHane, kasYe, aNd my faVortie extra
EXTRA blacK dude terreLL for hOLdin Lisa Marie dOwN aNd aLL that other
gOOd stuff...

21......aHH maN...the ideas are enDLess..but Lemme heaR whaT Y8-)U thInk
I should dO for my 21st b/day

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

THe retUrn

Don't teLL aNyoNe....c/b iS gOing to Be iN v/a fOr hIs birtHdaY....don't
teLL anY oNe thO....

IF uu don't kNow wHen mY birtHdaY iS, pLeaSe cliCk thE x iN the toP
rigHt cOrner.....

aMber iTs thaT tiMe agaIn!!!!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

iM gRowIng peOpLe. I caN actuaLly witness it before my owN pupils. I see
mY self a whole lot more cALm iN certaiN situaTions...I wouldn't say it
skyrocketeD, bUt my maturity level has peaKed....evEn on the basketball
coUrt. WhAt iS the NAVY doIng to Me?? ANd to maKe thiNgs evEn mOre
craZier, becAuse of my new fOund cALm_ness, ii now listen to R&B oN the
regUlar!!! Oh. And a litle bit of jaZz aLso..

ItS a gooD looK becaUse thE weaTher iS gettIng nice, (chIcagO is mY nexT
victIm), mY birthdaY iS coMiNg uP aNd ii get tO speNd it wiTh mY famiLy
thaT ii haven't seeN since mE aNd cirOc oBama last spOke (whAs sUP
aMber!!).....mOves maKe mOneY aNd I mAke mOves..

ONLy thIng miSsIn iS a miSsEs.

There's birthdaYs, and there's March Birthdays

I waNa taKe the timE oUt to wiSh a FeLiz CumPLeañOs tO aLL the marcH aNd aPriL
bdaYs appRoachiNg =]

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

sUnday mOrnIng viEw

mE, gUedO, meGa, aNd thE greEn goBliN [heineKen]

ThE besT beveraGe iN 7 eleven sToreS..

MAkIn mY waY doWntoWn...l0l

ME aNd tHe teaM toOk a trIp oUt tO the 60605 (legally of course)..

Gee Phi Gee!!!

TOdaY wAs a gOOd daY...nothIn Like yeSterdaY...bUt II DID ABSOLUTELY
NOTHING after scHooL....I usUaLLy hOOp aFter scHooL but ii decided tO
bee oN my owN prograM aNd hOOp during lUncH...otHer thaN thaT...ii
learned aBout sOmethiNg tOdaY...mAde a feW dIme moVes aNd craCked a Few
jOkes...sAMe oL c/b...ii jUst weaR a lot oF blUe..

ii deCidEd tO coNcLudE my niGht wiTh a LiL coMedY...a SpiKe Lee jOint
tYpe coMedY....appAreNtLy eVerYbOdy sEen thIs movIe exCept fOr me...eVeN
kEv jAm seeN iT...bUt theN agaIn in his preVious lIfe, he gRew uP iN the
80's....if ii evEr jOin a phraternity...its goNna bee GAMMA PHI

SoMebOdY got a bdaY coMin uP....nOt sUre wHo tho...

Monday, March 16, 2009

i LIke greEn bUt ii BleeD oranGE

the Best PointgUard in coLLege bAsketBALL..hands doWn like 6_30

todAy iN iLLinois...

firsT off I want to apologize for the lack of entries this past week. ii uSuaLLy do mY thing via sIciLy (the sIdekiCK) bUt for somE reasON blogger felt different....but this past week was an extraordinary one...as well as the weekEnd. it was loveLY for the the gaMe of EL basketball. NEedless to say, u nOw know why ii was born iN march...its only right!!! God was in his right minD and made me Left handed...but im digressing, lets get back to business...

ii just waNted to let mY readers know thAt im stiLL kickIn anD that a more detailed blog will be coming soon....like today soon...i cant even post any pictures with this blog because instead of learning how to saves lives, i decided to come to a government_resctricted access computer and haVe a wOrd wiTh uU civiLianS...u sHouLd thiNk about thE things ii do for yoU peoPLe..=]...now i have to go back to cLAss and learn how to save lives...the good stuff...Buenos Tardes!!!

_beyonce cD....
_sOme sNeakers ii cAn pLay basket ball iN...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ii jusT wanted to see If blogger would let me blog

Saturday, March 7, 2009


tHeSe mAc coMputeRS aRe soMethin SerioUS.....(hi baRb)...

ii cAnt sLeep...i waNNa go HomE...so ii blog to get my mind off it.

wHats gOing throUgh mY mInd riGht noW (like riGht noW)

_how lOng is it going tO take thIS blue teeTh to chARGE
_iF keV jam is goiNg to Stop snOring anytIme soOn
_whAt oTher featureS thIs mAc hAs tO offEr aS ii wRitE thiS blOg (thE keYS keeP lighTing uP oN mE)
_aM ii gOing tO faLL aSleeP sOOn oR whaT becAuse iM noT tirEd
_listenIng tO lUthEr VandroSS
_mY dOg
_wHat iT woUld bE liKe iF ii jOined The aiRfoRce
_iF whOeveR reAds mY blOg fIndS iT intereSting oR nOt
_whEthEr tHey aRe mAn/woMan enOugH to tELL mE
_kAnye'S neW laDy friEnd/ dOeS she gEt a lIghT ceAsaR aLSo?
_goIng tO go lay dowN afTer thE period aT the eNd oF thiS sEnTenCE.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MArcH maDneSs bIrtHdaY wiSH lIst

ii pOsteD thIs eaRLy enOugh sO yOu fAns hAve eNough tIme tO geT yoUr
fuNds iN oRder fOr thIS spEctaculAr dAy..Be a truE PaL!!!

_Orlando magic fitted (siZe 7 1/4)
_t mObiLe bEhoLd (cRanIum bULL shITTin)
_Levis straight 559 jeans( 31x30<---i like my shit 2 fit)
_NAvy bLue caRgo jAckeT frOm h&m(40r)
_a nEw wALLet pleaSe!
_a sHirt fRoM MINA LO's nEw clOthiNg lINe
_a bELt uU thInk ii woUld lOok spEctacuLar iN
_aNothEr fiTTed wOuLd dOo gooD, yoUr choice
_aNythiNg sTussY oR fRom thE kaRma lOOp
_yOur fAvorite pantIes/boii shOrtS sO ii cAn taKe thEm oFf yOu (I'm oNly
_mY besT friEnd tO be The besT friEnd in 2oo8
_aNd anYthiNg uU feeL chArlie bEe woUld wanT/desErve/like..whATever!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

60605 coNtuEd....

WIndY nIghtS, mY b.f/f lOves bEtSy JohnSon, my hIghtoPs aRe bEttEr,
fUnnIesT ATM sCreeN, aNd maDea gOes tO jaIL iS quIte coMicaL

60605....wHerE wIndY iS aN uNderStatemeNt

thIs weeKeNd ii tooK my fiRsT triP tO chIcaGO (shhhh....don't tELL thE
naVY)....aNd ii haVe tO sAY.....wELL there's a few ThingS I haVe to
SaY..ii hAve a coUsiN thAt iS iN aBsoLUTe LoVe wIth 6o6o5 aNd ii can't
sEem to fiGure oUt whY....iTs tOo dAm cOLd tO do aNythiNg oR waLk
aNywHere....I spENt lIke 150 bEtwEeN mEe n cRane_iuM iN the aRab
ANd anOther thInG, ii hEaRd thRouGh a coUpLe oRange viNes thAt chIcaGo
iS thE cloSeSt lOOkinG tHinG to 42nD stReet.....ii dEePLy bEg tO
diFfer....iTs nOt diRtY enOugh aNd there Def wasn't enOugh pEopLe to
lOOk like thE ciTY, eVen aT 3 iN thE a.M...aNd lETs noT gEt oN thE waY
tHesE peOple weRe dreSseD....

ii hAte tO tALK abOut EM bUt ii goT huStLed bY soMe pLuckS (thATs wHaT
cRaNe_iuM cALLs eM)...dude waLked uP to me "ii got thIs magazIne right
here, shows uU aLL the plaCes uU can taKe yOur lady friend, things to do
blah blah blah..."...iM like aIght coOL...thEn hE hIt mE wiTh thE tWo
doLLaR sErvIce chArgE "to kEeP hOmeLess peOPLe oFF tHE sTreeT"...mE
being thE tHE nIce gUy thAT ii aM..ii bLeSsed hIm wiTh two (even tho he
asked foR 5)...5 miNuteS laTer iM iN h&M woNderIng hOw aNd whY I haVe
thIs maGazIne iN mY haNd...ii stArt lOOkin thRoUgh iT aNd rEaLzieD duDe
hUsTled Me....bUt liFe goEs oN.

I gUess iT wAs "leTS trY to hUstLe c/b" daY becAUe rD 2 caMe lIke 10
minUtes laTer...mE aNd craNiuM wAs mAd hUngrY sO I aSked thE firsT
perSoN ii saW wHere thE nEaresT fooD sPoT wAs...foRtunately, it was
aNother pLuck...sO riGhT befOre dudE seNt mE oN mY waY, he triEd to hiT
mE wiTh a sErviCe chaRGe foR hiS "services" (pause)...I coUld dO noThiNg
bUt laUgh aNd thInK aBout wHaT tHe resT of thIs niGhT hAs tO offEr.

There's sO mUch mOre tHaT haPPenEd iN tHe wiNdY ciTy bUt iimma lEaVe iT
heRe..iF uU waNNa kNow mOre, cOme tO chIcaGo..I gUarantee uU won't eNjoy