Saturday, March 21, 2009

iM gRowIng peOpLe. I caN actuaLly witness it before my owN pupils. I see
mY self a whole lot more cALm iN certaiN situaTions...I wouldn't say it
skyrocketeD, bUt my maturity level has peaKed....evEn on the basketball
coUrt. WhAt iS the NAVY doIng to Me?? ANd to maKe thiNgs evEn mOre
craZier, becAuse of my new fOund cALm_ness, ii now listen to R&B oN the
regUlar!!! Oh. And a litle bit of jaZz aLso..

ItS a gooD looK becaUse thE weaTher iS gettIng nice, (chIcagO is mY nexT
victIm), mY birthdaY iS coMiNg uP aNd ii get tO speNd it wiTh mY famiLy
thaT ii haven't seeN since mE aNd cirOc oBama last spOke (whAs sUP
aMber!!).....mOves maKe mOneY aNd I mAke mOves..

ONLy thIng miSsIn iS a miSsEs.

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