Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OPeraTioN FeLiz cuMpleaNos


ThEy waY ii brought iN my birthdaY is bY far the secOnd besT...the besT
is of coUrse whEn mY moMMa maDe thaT LasT p.u.s.H. aT 10_17 a_m oN march
29...as yOu caN see frOm the pHotos words can't exPlaIn whAt ii got
myseLf iNto thIs weeKend....Gracias to EVERYONE that came out that night
and to thOse who wished me a haPPy bday...iT was greaTLy appreciAted...I
got like 7 messaGes aT 12 a/m sO I can't give that "I was the first to
tell you!!" awaRd to aNyone....SORRY!!!! bUt if Y8-)U were there wiTh me
iN the clUB u didn't haVe anYthing to wOrry aBout...oNce agaIn, thaNk
yoU momma for bringing me in to this worLd and eVeryoNe thaT celebrated
20 yeaRs Life wiTh me!!!

SPeciaL shOotouts to amberjalldai, cHane, kasYe, aNd my faVortie extra
EXTRA blacK dude terreLL for hOLdin Lisa Marie dOwN aNd aLL that other
gOOd stuff...

21......aHH maN...the ideas are enDLess..but Lemme heaR whaT Y8-)U thInk
I should dO for my 21st b/day

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