Sunday, March 1, 2009

60605....wHerE wIndY iS aN uNderStatemeNt

thIs weeKeNd ii tooK my fiRsT triP tO chIcaGO (shhhh....don't tELL thE
naVY)....aNd ii haVe tO sAY.....wELL there's a few ThingS I haVe to
SaY..ii hAve a coUsiN thAt iS iN aBsoLUTe LoVe wIth 6o6o5 aNd ii can't
sEem to fiGure oUt whY....iTs tOo dAm cOLd tO do aNythiNg oR waLk
aNywHere....I spENt lIke 150 bEtwEeN mEe n cRane_iuM iN the aRab
ANd anOther thInG, ii hEaRd thRouGh a coUpLe oRange viNes thAt chIcaGo
iS thE cloSeSt lOOkinG tHinG to 42nD stReet.....ii dEePLy bEg tO
diFfer....iTs nOt diRtY enOugh aNd there Def wasn't enOugh pEopLe to
lOOk like thE ciTY, eVen aT 3 iN thE a.M...aNd lETs noT gEt oN thE waY
tHesE peOple weRe dreSseD....

ii hAte tO tALK abOut EM bUt ii goT huStLed bY soMe pLuckS (thATs wHaT
cRaNe_iuM cALLs eM)...dude waLked uP to me "ii got thIs magazIne right
here, shows uU aLL the plaCes uU can taKe yOur lady friend, things to do
blah blah blah..."...iM like aIght coOL...thEn hE hIt mE wiTh thE tWo
doLLaR sErvIce chArgE "to kEeP hOmeLess peOPLe oFF tHE sTreeT"...mE
being thE tHE nIce gUy thAT ii aM..ii bLeSsed hIm wiTh two (even tho he
asked foR 5)...5 miNuteS laTer iM iN h&M woNderIng hOw aNd whY I haVe
thIs maGazIne iN mY haNd...ii stArt lOOkin thRoUgh iT aNd rEaLzieD duDe
hUsTled Me....bUt liFe goEs oN.

I gUess iT wAs "leTS trY to hUstLe c/b" daY becAUe rD 2 caMe lIke 10
minUtes laTer...mE aNd craNiuM wAs mAd hUngrY sO I aSked thE firsT
perSoN ii saW wHere thE nEaresT fooD sPoT wAs...foRtunately, it was
aNother pLuck...sO riGhT befOre dudE seNt mE oN mY waY, he triEd to hiT
mE wiTh a sErviCe chaRGe foR hiS "services" (pause)...I coUld dO noThiNg
bUt laUgh aNd thInK aBout wHaT tHe resT of thIs niGhT hAs tO offEr.

There's sO mUch mOre tHaT haPPenEd iN tHe wiNdY ciTy bUt iimma lEaVe iT
heRe..iF uU waNNa kNow mOre, cOme tO chIcaGo..I gUarantee uU won't eNjoy

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