Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MArcH maDneSs bIrtHdaY wiSH lIst

ii pOsteD thIs eaRLy enOugh sO yOu fAns hAve eNough tIme tO geT yoUr
fuNds iN oRder fOr thIS spEctaculAr dAy..Be a truE PaL!!!

_Orlando magic fitted (siZe 7 1/4)
_t mObiLe bEhoLd (cRanIum bULL shITTin)
_Levis straight 559 jeans( 31x30<---i like my shit 2 fit)
_NAvy bLue caRgo jAckeT frOm h&m(40r)
_a nEw wALLet pleaSe!
_a sHirt fRoM MINA LO's nEw clOthiNg lINe
_a bELt uU thInk ii woUld lOok spEctacuLar iN
_aNothEr fiTTed wOuLd dOo gooD, yoUr choice
_aNythiNg sTussY oR fRom thE kaRma lOOp
_yOur fAvorite pantIes/boii shOrtS sO ii cAn taKe thEm oFf yOu (I'm oNly
_mY besT friEnd tO be The besT friEnd in 2oo8
_aNd anYthiNg uU feeL chArlie bEe woUld wanT/desErve/like..whATever!!


  1. the picture is good on this blog.

  2. AND THE CLOTHING LINE coming to you soon, wow you mentioned me hahah TUFFFFF