Tuesday, April 28, 2009


thIs chIcaGo weaTher coNtinues to bLow mY miNd...aNd my graduaTion
fitted oFf mY head...smH..

IT waS jUst aNotHer daY iN my naVy cAreeR...schOOL aLL daY aNd
baskeTbaLL aLL niGht....if iM nOt waTching iT I'm plaYing iT....aNd Los
BuLLs aLmost got aNother One toNight iF saLmons didn't deciDe to faLL
baCk on his heeLs agaIn paUl pierce...I meaN he only took the same jump
shot from the saMe area twice within the last minute...bUt hey, they're
in t he league, I'm not.....I sTiLL giVe beNNy G hIs proPs for doIng
whaT he does every night...PLAY.

ThE mUch aNticiPated weeKend iS approachIng aNd I'm not suRe whaT ii
waNNa dO....got anY ideas??? JUst maKe sure uu include whIte casTLe iN
to whatever it is ii do...

IT was oNe oF thoSe daYs, nOt muCh tO dO...

I waS chillin downtown with mY favortie white dude <----sLicK riCk/cB
reMix-----> mE aNd guedO wEnt tO the buLLs gaMe sUndaY aNd iT was aN
enJoyabLe 0nE. THere aRe twO teaMs thAT ii Like: tHe oRLandO maGic aNd
anYone thaT beAts tHe ceLtics....aNd yesterdaY THE Chicago Bulls wEre mY
squAd...aLthough iT tooK twO overtImes, D. RoseY aNd bEnnY G sEnt raY
aLLen aNd PAUL PIERCE oL ii don't feeL like a geTTing a shape uP aLL
seasOn ass nIgga oN a Long aSs riDe baCk to beaN towN...sOrrY guedO...

oN a mOre poSitive nOte, ii waS reaL jiGgy, whIl everYone eLse waS reaL
shIttY....mY firsT NbA plaYoff gAmE in 5 yEaRs bEcaMe
meMoraBLe.....fInaLLy mEt thE jOrdan statue...aNd yes ii meT it, saId
whaS sUp, and tooK a picture....he had mY favorite jordaens On bY the
waY..the IX's..LasT bUt nOt LeasT, ShAwN MariOn deCides tHat hE cAn jUst
cuT lIneS aT tHe uNiteD ceNter tO avOid gEttiNg weT....nO buenO.....naH
I'm kiDdiN......ii gUess He gEts enOugh raIn iN ToroNto aNd was tired Of
it....AH WELL!!!!!! C/b had to Capture tHe momenT....TaLL aSs....NeeD to
cOme play foR the bULLs iNstead oF nOah bUm Ass....

OTher thaN thaT...ii sAw aLot oF nIce toYs iN the parkIn Lot whILe ii
waS leavIng...sOme schOOl buses, sTatiOn waGons aNd asTro vaNs...naH I'm
kiddIn.....BentLey coUpe, Ferrari jOint, aNd aMG c CLaSs jOint driviN
aRound lIke itS a hOnDa aCcOrd (bUt ii didn't seE mELyssa ForD)....wIsh
oNe oF theM joints woULda gaVe me aNd guedo a riDe!!!!


Monday, April 27, 2009

ThOse toYs ii wAs teLLin uU abOut....yEsH ii mAy haVe lOOked lIke a
paPa_raTz_eee, bUt iM c/b aNd thOse paPa clOwns wIsh theY caN bee
mEe...thaT daM ferrari wAs tOo faSt thO.....

P.S._ iM reaLLy thInking abOut iNvestIng in a diGitaL caMerA...tiMe for
sOme beTTer quaLity don't uU think??

NEw paIr of toYs

MUst bUys...soRrY LiL sis

Thursday, April 23, 2009


aLthOugh iTs tHe eNd oF thE wEeK, tHe beGinNinG oF thIs wEeK maRkEd tHe
eNd oF 5o daYs oF teXtbooK torTurE....aS a reLieF, mE aNd thE teaM...or
iS it tHe teaM aNd I??? (WhAt iS it mIna_Lo??) decided To gO aNd
ceLebratE...nOthIn tO mAjOr...diNnEr aNd sOme gOod laUghTer...tHe mVp
troPhy goEs tO keV jaM foR proviDing uS with the mOst laUghter...

sO kEv hAd tO spOt joE gueDo aNd jOhn oN the DinneR biLL wHicH wAs a
draMatic shOcK tO mee aNd evEryoNe 0Ne eLse aT the taBLe...bUt aFTER
THey ordered ii LookEd oveR tO mY RigHT aNd nOticed keV wRiting
sOmethiNg doWn oN a naPkin..ii thOught it waS hiS numBer foR thE
waitreSs..(he's iN tO the 40 pLus joints.......)..ii reaLized iT wasn't
hiS nuMber whEn hE picked his heaD uP aNd bEllOwed "iM nOt spEnDing 50$
oN fooD!!!" it wasn't hIs phone nUmber, iT waS a maTh proBleM tO
detErmIne hOw mUch wAs cOmiN ofF thaT baNk oF amEriCa caRd.....didn't
maTter thO...thE mOneY wAs sPenT aNd kEv wAs pIsSed for thE resT of the
tiMe aT chiLi's..

WE chEered hiM uP tho...wE maDe a toasT tO coMpleTiNg tHe maJor poRtioN
of NavaL hOspitaL Corps SchooL, oUr mOmmaS for pUshIn uS tO thE LimiT,
aNd to yOu aLL fOr whAtever iT is yaLL do..l0l...bUt naH seriously,
beIng here all the time maKes you greaTfuL for whaT Y8-)U have bacK aT

hOme Is wHere waTching spOrts Center aNd fresH pRince ALL DAY is ALL


Friday, April 17, 2009

dO ii LoOK LikE ii fEEL lIke worKiNg riGhT noW??...iM tELLin u....tHey
maKe uU do sOmE uNeXPlaInaBLe thIngs..aLL ii caN saY is FirsT aNd
fIfteeNtH...oH aNd Patriotism...sMH

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ii nEed aN uPdate

ScHooL is aLmost doNe aNd I'm readY to geT baCk to regULar scheduLed
prograMMing...but iTs feeLing Like ii maY have a different Plan....todaY
I injured my thumb hOOpin and iTs quiTe difficuLt to tYpe right
nOw...its aLways the bUms thaT caUse inJury...smh...

I know iTs kind of earLy buT mEmoriaL daY is aPproachiNg...and I'm def.
Getting oUt of iLLinois...aTlanta?, brooklyn?, swItzerlaNd??, the
possibilities aRe endLess.....

Imma cut this 1 short...I'm in paIn and I got a test in the
a/m....buenos Noches..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

ii neeD a vaCaTioN

THis LooKs lIke the pErfect place....can uU guess whEre??? LOOks Like
thIs iS where thEy fiLm the CoroNa comMerciaLs at...=]

NoThin seriOus..iTs jusT how ii was feELing aT thE tiMe

ii JusT come So naturaL...lIke thaT 7 dollar bottLe of fiJi...nOthIn
spEciAL abOut iT..thaNk yOu moMMa...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

mY nexT moVe won't bEe mY LasT

sOme thOugHt proVoKing evEnts occUrreD iN mY lifetiMe wiThin the pasT
120 hoUrs. Over the paSt 24 hours I've beeN coNteMplaTing oN whaT tO
do...wiLL it woRk?? IS it worTh it?? Uu knOw.... aLL thaT gOOd stuff...I
mean more than 1 mind iS aLways a gooD thiNg sO ii cOnsuLted wIth a few
oF mY peeRs fOr sOme advice..sOme good sOme bad...reaL RaP....ii thOught
ii was stUck...ii feLt my oNly oPtioN waS tO bee pAtieNt aNd nothing

but aBout 77 mIns aGo ii haD aN iNtriguiNg cOnvo wIth mY pANaRikAn
sEnsaTiOn aBouT mY triaLs aNd tribuLaTioNs....ii waS iNformed thaT iF
the Love iS theRe, theN ii haVe nothIng to worrY abOut....bUt the
fLipsiDe to iT...she's nOt thEre...ii mEaN I'm nOt comPlaIniNg....ii waS
juSt aT a staNdstILL kind oF....bUt ii mEaN I mOvin aT a steady paCe
nOw...shIt maKes a LiL moRe seNsE now...ii guEss iTs a femaLe thIng...ii
don't kNow.. BUt thaNks TO yoU mS. "ChEesebUrger iN pAradiSe" thE paSt
37 mIns oF wriTing thIs bLOg have bEen verY relIeving [pause]....

mY moVe iN maY (=]) def won't bEe mY LasT....mOre Like ...aHH

P.s._ii KepT it sUbliMinaL...sO whaT...uu don't lIke iT??? SUe mE

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ii jUst waNNa bEe suCcessFUL

Its 2oo9...2o yEaRs Living wiTh nO regreTS....I'm StaRting a careeR thaT
uu can't eVen iMagiNe...weLL maYbe...but iM dooIn iT...I'm gettIng
Older...groWin wiSer...bUt ii bEen shIniN siNce three fiNgers aNd hIgh

WHen ii haVe mY twIns, ii waNNa Have enDLess sTories fOr eM abOuT mY
Life...tHe naVy...wHaT aNd whaT nOt to do wHen iT comes to
WOMEN..l0l....aNd to maKe suRe theY geT a bff Like mIne!!....

ON a mOre seriOus nOte..mY fuTUre iS reaLLy beginning...k/b's caReer iS
oN the coMeuP....aNd iM onE sTeP clOser tWo beeIng beYonce's sEx
sLaVe...jUsT kiddIng....ii Know I've saId iT beFore bUt Life Is reaLLy
mOving fOrward aNd thErE iS nO rOOm for "extra baggage"...sO geT iN
whEre uU FiT iN becAuse mY puZzLe iS aLmost coMpLete...


Saturday, April 4, 2009