Tuesday, April 28, 2009


thIs chIcaGo weaTher coNtinues to bLow mY miNd...aNd my graduaTion
fitted oFf mY head...smH..

IT waS jUst aNotHer daY iN my naVy cAreeR...schOOL aLL daY aNd
baskeTbaLL aLL niGht....if iM nOt waTching iT I'm plaYing iT....aNd Los
BuLLs aLmost got aNother One toNight iF saLmons didn't deciDe to faLL
baCk on his heeLs agaIn paUl pierce...I meaN he only took the same jump
shot from the saMe area twice within the last minute...bUt hey, they're
in t he league, I'm not.....I sTiLL giVe beNNy G hIs proPs for doIng
whaT he does every night...PLAY.

ThE mUch aNticiPated weeKend iS approachIng aNd I'm not suRe whaT ii
waNNa dO....got anY ideas??? JUst maKe sure uu include whIte casTLe iN
to whatever it is ii do...

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