Wednesday, April 8, 2009

mY nexT moVe won't bEe mY LasT

sOme thOugHt proVoKing evEnts occUrreD iN mY lifetiMe wiThin the pasT
120 hoUrs. Over the paSt 24 hours I've beeN coNteMplaTing oN whaT tO
do...wiLL it woRk?? IS it worTh it?? Uu knOw.... aLL thaT gOOd stuff...I
mean more than 1 mind iS aLways a gooD thiNg sO ii cOnsuLted wIth a few
oF mY peeRs fOr sOme advice..sOme good sOme bad...reaL RaP....ii thOught
ii was stUck...ii feLt my oNly oPtioN waS tO bee pAtieNt aNd nothing

but aBout 77 mIns aGo ii haD aN iNtriguiNg cOnvo wIth mY pANaRikAn
sEnsaTiOn aBouT mY triaLs aNd tribuLaTioNs....ii waS iNformed thaT iF
the Love iS theRe, theN ii haVe nothIng to worrY abOut....bUt the
fLipsiDe to iT...she's nOt thEre...ii mEaN I'm nOt comPlaIniNg....ii waS
juSt aT a staNdstILL kind oF....bUt ii mEaN I mOvin aT a steady paCe
nOw...shIt maKes a LiL moRe seNsE now...ii guEss iTs a femaLe thIng...ii
don't kNow.. BUt thaNks TO yoU mS. "ChEesebUrger iN pAradiSe" thE paSt
37 mIns oF wriTing thIs bLOg have bEen verY relIeving [pause]....

mY moVe iN maY (=]) def won't bEe mY LasT....mOre Like ...aHH

P.s._ii KepT it sUbliMinaL...sO whaT...uu don't lIke iT??? SUe mE


  1. Yea I try to keep it real as much as possible. This one is a good one. I guess cause I'm in it. yayy!!