Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IT was oNe oF thoSe daYs, nOt muCh tO dO...

I waS chillin downtown with mY favortie white dude <----sLicK riCk/cB
reMix-----> mE aNd guedO wEnt tO the buLLs gaMe sUndaY aNd iT was aN
enJoyabLe 0nE. THere aRe twO teaMs thAT ii Like: tHe oRLandO maGic aNd
anYone thaT beAts tHe ceLtics....aNd yesterdaY THE Chicago Bulls wEre mY
squAd...aLthough iT tooK twO overtImes, D. RoseY aNd bEnnY G sEnt raY
aLLen aNd PAUL PIERCE oL ii don't feeL like a geTTing a shape uP aLL
seasOn ass nIgga oN a Long aSs riDe baCk to beaN towN...sOrrY guedO...

oN a mOre poSitive nOte, ii waS reaL jiGgy, whIl everYone eLse waS reaL
shIttY....mY firsT NbA plaYoff gAmE in 5 yEaRs bEcaMe
meMoraBLe.....fInaLLy mEt thE jOrdan statue...aNd yes ii meT it, saId
whaS sUp, and tooK a picture....he had mY favorite jordaens On bY the
waY..the IX's..LasT bUt nOt LeasT, ShAwN MariOn deCides tHat hE cAn jUst
cuT lIneS aT tHe uNiteD ceNter tO avOid gEttiNg weT....nO buenO.....naH
I'm kiDdiN......ii gUess He gEts enOugh raIn iN ToroNto aNd was tired Of
it....AH WELL!!!!!! C/b had to Capture tHe momenT....TaLL aSs....NeeD to
cOme play foR the bULLs iNstead oF nOah bUm Ass....

OTher thaN thaT...ii sAw aLot oF nIce toYs iN the parkIn Lot whILe ii
waS leavIng...sOme schOOl buses, sTatiOn waGons aNd asTro vaNs...naH I'm
kiddIn.....BentLey coUpe, Ferrari jOint, aNd aMG c CLaSs jOint driviN
aRound lIke itS a hOnDa aCcOrd (bUt ii didn't seE mELyssa ForD)....wIsh
oNe oF theM joints woULda gaVe me aNd guedo a riDe!!!!


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