Thursday, April 23, 2009


aLthOugh iTs tHe eNd oF thE wEeK, tHe beGinNinG oF thIs wEeK maRkEd tHe
eNd oF 5o daYs oF teXtbooK torTurE....aS a reLieF, mE aNd thE teaM...or
iS it tHe teaM aNd I??? (WhAt iS it mIna_Lo??) decided To gO aNd
ceLebratE...nOthIn tO mAjOr...diNnEr aNd sOme gOod laUghTer...tHe mVp
troPhy goEs tO keV jaM foR proviDing uS with the mOst laUghter...

sO kEv hAd tO spOt joE gueDo aNd jOhn oN the DinneR biLL wHicH wAs a
draMatic shOcK tO mee aNd evEryoNe 0Ne eLse aT the taBLe...bUt aFTER
THey ordered ii LookEd oveR tO mY RigHT aNd nOticed keV wRiting
sOmethiNg doWn oN a naPkin..ii thOught it waS hiS numBer foR thE
waitreSs..(he's iN tO the 40 pLus joints.......)..ii reaLized iT wasn't
hiS nuMber whEn hE picked his heaD uP aNd bEllOwed "iM nOt spEnDing 50$
oN fooD!!!" it wasn't hIs phone nUmber, iT waS a maTh proBleM tO
detErmIne hOw mUch wAs cOmiN ofF thaT baNk oF amEriCa caRd.....didn't
maTter thO...thE mOneY wAs sPenT aNd kEv wAs pIsSed for thE resT of the
tiMe aT chiLi's..

WE chEered hiM uP tho...wE maDe a toasT tO coMpleTiNg tHe maJor poRtioN
of NavaL hOspitaL Corps SchooL, oUr mOmmaS for pUshIn uS tO thE LimiT,
aNd to yOu aLL fOr whAtever iT is yaLL do..l0l...bUt naH seriously,
beIng here all the time maKes you greaTfuL for whaT Y8-)U have bacK aT

hOme Is wHere waTching spOrts Center aNd fresH pRince ALL DAY is ALL



  1. ...thanks Laura i was just about to get on that.
    i also just want you to know that your blogs are the hardest to read. Congratulations on making people pay close attention just to read...i know its an accident tho.

  2. did they not want to pay or didnt have the money..this happened to "my friends and i" when we went to eat at the cheesecake factory. two people didn't have any money (not even tip money)and we had to pay for them..way more than 50 dollars..