Wednesday, February 25, 2009

wHatEver iT iS.

ItS vALuEd aT aN exTrAorDiNarY pRiCe...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CHarLie bEe

GOt a bDaY coMing uP...wiShliSt coMing sOOn...fYi..iM a Levi LoveR aNd
tHe oRlAnDo mAgiC rUn tHe nBa...aNd my faVorite cOlor iS greEn =]

NAh ii aInt foRgEt....

yEs yEs yes....iiM baCk....I know uU ciViliaNs have been returning tiMe
aNd tiMe agaIn woNderIng "where's chaRlie bEe??" I'm pRoUd to sAY I've
bEeN beTTer mY seLf hErE aT scHooL aNd lIstenIng to thE hOmies aRguE
oVer wHo dresses better...cALi or bRookLyn...cOme oN Now...I meAN eVen
thOugh iTs a rhetoricaL quEstIon, joHny braVo (u could see hIm but u
can't...crAniUms caMera iS some traSh) dEcided tO enTertAin Kev jAms
absurd beLief thAt hooP eaRrings are "in" aNd thAt he iS the nO oNe aNd
I meaN NO ONE better dressed thAn hIm....ladies and
gentleman...take a look at my resPonse (pictured aBove)...iF uR oN thIs
bLog u uNderstAnd aNd wiLL coMpLy whEn ii saY...fResHLy drEssEd aNd aN
undersTatemeNt wheN it coMes 2 mY attire(nO coCkiness/conceitedness
aDded)...iM not even gOnna coNtinue wIth thAt.

LeMme lEt uU iN oN a secReT,..I'm kiNda enJoyIng thIs life aS a
saiLor...iT sOme neW woRk...I meet new woRk...aNd I maKe mEmories evErY
daY...iiF uu feeL like yoUr lIfe iS beTter thAn mIne....aSk GOD for
foRgivenEss....don't woRry...He WiLL....aDiOs..::..::

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sO ii Have thIs FriENd

bUt she's nOt jUst aNY oLd fRieNd...sHe's mY best friENd (rob aNd big
theMe). DIstaNce NeveR aFfected oUr rElaTioNsHip whEN ii leFt
bRooKLyn...aNd tO thIs daY ii stiLL reMember wheN I uSed tO aSk uU maD
quesTioNs iN sCience cLass (mr. RusHika.<---how ever uU spell iT)....aNd
wE Used tO trY n dO hOmework In the library before I had
practice.......thaT never wOrked...aLways staRted taLkin aBout raNdom
shIt...bUt aNywaY...uu werE mY hOmie thEN aNd uU mY faVorite (my oNLy)
hAitian tO coNversE wiTh aBout aNY aNd everythIng...iM sTiLL the
saMe...rEmember thaT.....or immA have tO do whaT biggie did to Faith
wHen hE waNted foRgiveneSs..(doo boo boop..l0l)

Monday, February 16, 2009

aS ii sIt bcAK rElAX

tHaT iS thE cLoSesT I've eVer Been tO thE oceaN...bUt plEaSe beLievE iLL
bEe gettIng a lot clOsEr!!! iM liSteNing to thIs nEw q_tiP cD aNd iTs
preTTy officiaL..iM not goNna frOnt, ivE neVer boUght a q_tip cd and I
rarely listen tO hiM...bUt thIs oNe iS hItting hOme...I CoUlD aPPly it
to jUst raNdOm shIt haPpeNing iN mY lifetiMe. IMma pRobably have heads
readIng thIs lIke "he shoulda been a fan."sorrY for the
deLaY bUt iM oN it...thIs pIctuRe iS the waY I feeL as ii viBe tO tHis
jOint...wHaT doEs thE woRLd haVe to offEr c/b...becaUse ii gOt sO mucH
tO giVe baCk..thIs bLog iS jUst liGht_woRk....mY goAL aS a coRpsmaN iN
thE uNiteD stAtes nAVy iS to fInd oUt whaTs oUt therE foR mE...thIs Is
jUst sOme sTuff that roLLs aRoUnd iN mY cRane_IUM...yaLL taKe iT eaSy
oUt thErE...

eAr LobE lOve...

wOrd pLaY kiNg, iM Not tHe oNe tWo ScraBBLe wiTh...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

aNd anOther gReaT weeKend doWn tHe draIn

VAlenTineS daY iS fOr suCkeRz....iM thE oNly exCeptioN.....that's all
I'm saYing aBout it....thIs weeKend waS preTty decent...paYdaY was
frIdaY wHich meaNt the eXchaNge wAs paCked wiTh sAILors tRying to geT
wHat me n keV cALL "nex freSh."..afTer thaT eVoLutiOn, we were sUpposed
to hIt thE clUb (unfortunately, the one I ran through the mUd in my
previous entry...yea, that 1one) bUt duE to iNclemeNt weaTher (jusT
staRted fcuKin sNowing ouT of no where..aNd the bitch stuck) wE had a
chanGe oF pLaNs aNd decided tO kiCk iT at paRcheeZys...wELL sOme peOpLe
oN thE teAm didn't lIke thAt idea and decided tO leT it bee
KnowN...nEedless to saY, mE aD kEv jAm enJoyeD oUr nIghT woRkIng oN
"woRk" aNd doIng otHer "NAVY" activities...aNd aS uU caN see On tHe
sCoreboaRd...I toOk nO prIsOnerS.

SaTurdaY waS wELL......SaTurdaY....hOoPed aLL daY...caMe baCk tO tHe
headquArters aNd waTch sOme mOre hooPing aCtIon...I bee forgeTTing I'm
in the naVy sOme tiMes, aS muCh hooPing aS ii bEe doIn...thE dUnk
coNteSt wasn't aLL thaT tO mE...NaTe rEpReseNteD fOr aLL the 67 iNchEs
oUt thErE wiTh aSpirAtIons oF plaYing abOve the riM...that's rEaLLy aLL
I caN saY aBout thAt...dwIght Y8-)U aRe fcuKing hUge....u waS like mY
sIze aT the jOrdaN caPital Classic

AYe sUndaY iS the LordS daY...aNd aLso the dAy keVyn NeaL had kObe
Bryants babIes...l0l...I haven't seen a fan like him..he worships the
ankle taPe kobe weaRs...its insane...cP3 waS tryIng tO snaTch sOleS off
thE coUrT tOo...rEmInd mE of mYseLf aNd hOw ii bEe oWning kev Jam aNd
jRod for prez on the court...enOugh saId.

Imma go aHead aNd enD it hEre...its aLL in yOur CRAne.......niUm :)

LeFt HaNdeRs...

ARE aLwAYs iN thERe rIghT mInD

NEeDLess tO saY

he's a FreAKinG aNiMaL

Thursday, February 12, 2009

ii JusT waNt sOmE gOurMeT gaLLey food!!!

EXtReMeLy lOng aNd sTressFuL daY sO imma kEep thIs 1oNe sHorT...fiRsT
oFf, iF tMobiLe wAs sOmethIng oTher thaN a phoNe coMpaNy, it wOuLd bE
aNn assWhoLe....FULL OF SHIT....there-now that I got that off mY

coNgraTulaTions to the mOunt oN gettIna victorY todaY...aNd fcUk rObert
MorriS!!!..aNd bRaD you're manager of the yeaR iN my bOok.

ANyways, aFter thE lOng hoUrs of cLaSs, cOntinuoUs fiGhts 2 stAy awaKe
iN clAss aNd coNstAnt arguIng wItH keV jaM aBout who's the better plaYer
beTwEen uS, iJusT waNt sOme gooD oL' gaLLeY food (photo)...I don't thInk
thAt wAs mucH 2 aSk fOr...bUt evideNtLy it waS fOr theSe peTty officers
tOdaY...gUess iT was thE BURGER KING NAVY todaY...bEcaUse tHese SaIlors
waNted to "HAVE IT THERE WAY"...sMH...goodnight*....LOVE YOU BRAVO...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

COrpS sIde!!!

YeaH wHeN uU haVe tHe BesT jOb iN tHe naVy, u tEnd to gEt treaTed a lil
dIffeReNtLY.....oNLy a "chOsIn" feW gEt thIs trEaTmEnt.....nOw oNLy iF
ii cOuLd gET sOme wifi iN mY barraCks...

tImE tWo kiLL

ITs a bLog rIghT? sO pReTTy mUch ii cAN wRite aBouT anY aNd eVerythIng
ii waNt right?? ThOugHt sO....

sO toDaY wAs cHarLie bEe's fiRsT daY of cLaSs aNd thIs iS the
reSUlt...pUre bOredOm...we did a whOLe buNch Of taLkIn aBoUt
nOthIng...mY lEvi loVa cRossed mY mInd whIle ii wAs sUppOsed 2 bee LearNing aNd
sO did thE thOughT of havinG twIns...if I have eM oN thE fiRsT 0ne, iM
nOt havIng aNymOre..thaT 3rd 1 gonna feeL lIke aN oddBaLL...thE dUde In
frOnT oF mE haD sOme viTaMin water aNd evidently hE waS thirsTy aNd
there fOre ii didn't geT too fiNisH...mY troPicaNa waS gOod
thO...stRaWbeRrY baNana aNd kiwI aLL iN 0nE

gooD thIng aBout mY clAss...mY iNstrUctor iS frOm BROOKLYN.

Monday, February 9, 2009

KEv JaM...won't bEe jaMmIn for a WhiLe

Doesn't hE looK likE hE dId moRe thaN juSt rOLL hIs aNkLe??? I wOuLda
bEeN thERe tO hELp hIm oUt bUt ii saW iT mOrE aS a BlOg mOmeNt thaN
anYthIng eLSE.....That's jUst hOw I do bUsIness...mY baD kEv

aNoThER daY, aNother sOmeThiNg

THaNkyOu uU GOD fOr aLLowIng mE tO eXpReSs mYsELF oVeR tHeSe aIr waVes
fOr rEaDerS tO vIeW tHe ePitoMe Of gReaTneSs...nOw thAt I gAve CRedIt
wHerE CreDIt iS dUe.......tOdaY waS oNe oF thOse GarFiELd mOnDaYs...the
weaTheR wAS maD reTarded...iN illiNois, iN FeBrUaRy bY thE waY, 50
deGrEeS iS lIke 100 anYwhere eLsE...eVideNtLy, thAT waS sUppOsed tO bee
the teMp today, bUt sTeve HaRveY decIded to lie on hIs raDiO sHoW aNd
tHeRe fOre I wAs a LittLe chILLy tOdaY...yea...waY tO gO sTeVe...oThER
thaN tHaT, KeV jaM gOt iNjurEd todaY aFter sOme LaMe_o pUt eM on His aSs
(oF coUrSe hE fEeLs dIffeRent)....bUt tHe HigHlIght oF thE daY wAS the
Photo sHowN aBove..I didn't caTch thE graMmyS laSt niGHt bUt I kNow mY
"look a like" hELd iT dOwN lIke graVitY...creaTiviTy aT iTs BesT...I bET
He thaNks GOD oVertiMe he gOes On sTage....wHeN thEy maKe aMovIe abOut
hIm, mAkE sUrE uU cALL mE JaY.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

They sAy thaT iN the NaVy thE clUbS are mightY FinE

KeV jAm n jOe gOtti...wE wEre All oN the saMe paGe aBout thE bULL sHit
taKin plAce 2 mY lEfT...aNd as uU caN cleaRLy see in the next
photo...BULLSHIT... its a craZy world

cLuB haLf aNd haLf:::::braCe yourselves...thIs is a Long 0ne

ii uSuaLLy don't-correction, NEVER- doo thIs buT R.O.T.H.F.L.M.A.O aT
cLuB 525....Never haVe I ever (sOmeThing lIke a gamE of kiNgs) bEeN to
aN estaBlisHmenT oF enTertaInmeNt whEre mEn daNceD iN cIrClEs wIth the
wOmeN oN thE oUtside, evERyOne staRing aT eaCh oThER lIke"if you dance,
I'll danCe" aNd tHe disC jOckEy lookEd liKe hE juSt gOt hiS leaRnErs
pErMiT. hE couldn't eVeN sEe oVer thE tuRntaBleS!!! oNcE ii tOok a lOoK
aT hiM I caMe twO the cOnclUsIon thAT hIs chOiCe of eaR lobE love
wouldn't bEe tHe greaTest...aNd oF coUrSe i waS pRoveN correcTLy.
mE peRsOnaLLy, I don't pAy mUch aTteNtiOn to the wOmeN or thE reSt of
the ciViLiaNs iN the CluB till the reggaE comeS on...luckiLy, kEv jAm
aNd jOe gOtta pOinTeD oUt a feW shItbaGs thAT neeDed to leave the cLUB
UNLUCKILY, the reggae waS thE "fcUk" oF the nIght. We all know if its
nOt aN all reggae clUb, eVery diSc jOckeY haS therE "reGgae moment"
where they play like 7 songs maX of wHaT theY thInk is reGgaE. Well, mr
dj heightLess livEs uP to hiS expectaTions aNd plAYs soMe tUnnaGe frOm
1995..thaT dmx track "here comes the boom?" I mean come on now....aNd
tHe saD thIng aBout it...eVeryone (excePt normal people like myself) waS
goiNg bananas like thIs track jUst caMe oUt...iiT wAs a saD nIght fOr
cLuB liFe aNd reGgaE musIc aS we knOw iT....aNd iM nOt eVen gOing 2
brIng uP thE fruIt caKes iN thEre....bUt tHe HIGHLIGHT Of thE night
waS rIght beFoRe I thRew thE gaRrisOn caP oN 2 leave.....iS it caLLed
"pass to ARAB?" I don't fCuKin kNow...bUt eVerYoNe eLse In thE cLub
dId....stEp for steP, evEry sIngle peRsOn in thAt cLub (excEpt for the
normal people like myself kev jam n gotti) including dj heightless
conducted thIs dUm aSs daNce like it was a right of passage....thIs iS
one tiMe whErE I waS eLateD to have cuRfew.

NEedless to saY,tonIghTs eveNts wErE waY more coMicAl thaN
entertaining...saw a lot of lames...saw vEry fEw nIce looking women (we
call it work in the navy), aNd wItnessed 0nE rd. Of bItchASSNESS... anD
if uU aRe wOndering, ii caLL it clUb half aNd half becaUse haLf of the
people haD nO busIness bEing in public dreSsed AND looking the waY tHey
looked aNd the other haLf jUsT aInt have sHiit eLse to do tonight aNd
hOped thAt cOming to the cLuB wOuld meaN haVing a good
night...negaTive..bUt hEy that's whAt theY navy is aBout..geTting your
hOpes uP...uNtiL nexT time civiLiaNs...cOme to the clUb wIth sOme

pOsT gaMe rEpOrt

bOtH eM maD bEcauSe I Just gaVe eM 48....a pIeCe....keV jaM, charLiE
bEe, aNd jOe gOtti...hANd saLuTe

lOve oF my creW

FResH oUt tHe GyM....lOng bEaCh MeETs bRooKLyN-eaST meeTs wEst-...aNd U
KnoW I brOught tHe tItLe bACk 2tWo tHe eaST

Friday, February 6, 2009

LDRS_ LeadErs dO rEaL shiiT

sOme wOrk I plOttin oN in dowNtown chicago....nice addition to the wardrobe..already released...good luCk fInding yoUr size.

tWo2 qUarTerS aNd a BaLdiiE

l0l first off. juSt getting to A school, unfortunately has sheltered me from keeping uP on the world lates news in politics, economy, and thats it.. sports and music??? im right here on top like 12 .pm....Today i get a little free time from my working party and instead of getting some sleep, i dOo some surfiin...i type in 50 cent and rick ross beef and look what pops even though it looks nothing like ross.....u see what im trying to say?...50 cent makes it seem like this beef started from nothing...a stare or some shiit...ross is claiming 50 is at it again because his music isnt selling...too bee honest, even though the man is walking around with my college tuition on his pinky, i never really liked his approach. Ross is just another rapper to mee with a few hits. put both of em together and u get a comical feud.... i can care less whAt happens at the end of this beef because at the end of the day, these two wont bee any better than they were the morning before....but 50 is paid and it would bee a shame iF ross aCtually reNts hiS jewlery..whaT do uU think??

Thursday, February 5, 2009


NOw tHaT the iCe hAs beeN bRokEn...iMma gO aHeaD aNd pOur aLiTTLe cIrOc
oBaMa oVeR iT aNd brEaK breaD wIth tHe wOrLd wiDe WeB.....rIght nOw I'm
siTting iN mY baRracKs-laYinG iN mY baRraCks- thInKinG aBout whaT iS iN
sTore fOr mY Life.....I jUst wiTnessEd the cEltics Lose aNd aLso
reaLized thAt cLeveLand caN beaT eM iN sIx6...

eVeryone yOung blaCk maLe wishes theY were a Kobe oR a bRon brOn...bUt
thE facT iS uU arE whaT uU arE....iM a United STates SaiLOr....k/b iS aN
aSpiring mUsiCaL geNius (a daM gOod 0ne.)...wE jusT tOok thE caRds On
tHe taBLe aNd dId whaT wE haD 2 dO wIth eM to sTaY iN thE game....thIs
wHoLe naVy thIng Is noT jUst foR thE beneFitS....iTs a tYpe of
commitmeNt aNd sTaBiLitY I FeLt lIke I nEedEd. 2 sTaY In...aNd nOw I
feEL LikE I can't bEe beaT...i waKe uP eVeRy mOrning aNd pIss awAY
faILure aNd iNhaLe sUcCeSs aNd taKe A LooK aT gReaTneSs iN thE
MirrOR....bUt tHeRe aRe sTILL mANy ImpeRfeCtiOns aBouT c/bee...I don't
haVe uNo yEt bUt tRuST, Y8-)U gOnna knOw wHeN iiM oUt....UntIL nExT tImE


Rd. 1oNe.

iMma gO ahead and shatter this awkward feeLing of wriIting to people I don't even kNow may read thIs...mY nAme iS caLvin...sOme caLL me chaRlie....soMe caLL me c/b bUt oNly two caLLs me sOn aNd 0ne bIg brotHer.....nEver thOught I'd enD uP bloggiNg....sOmething new for mE. I woUld Like tO thank the United States Navy aNd Naval HosPitaL cOrps schooL for providing with the time/boredom to brIng tO uU mY life anD whaT it enTaILs iN higH deF...uNtIL nexT tIme ...Love PeaCe aNd dOpe<---- goT thaT frOm mY shIpmaTe BaTTLe fRoM cALi...wEsT cOaSt saILor