Wednesday, February 11, 2009

tImE tWo kiLL

ITs a bLog rIghT? sO pReTTy mUch ii cAN wRite aBouT anY aNd eVerythIng
ii waNt right?? ThOugHt sO....

sO toDaY wAs cHarLie bEe's fiRsT daY of cLaSs aNd thIs iS the
reSUlt...pUre bOredOm...we did a whOLe buNch Of taLkIn aBoUt
nOthIng...mY lEvi loVa cRossed mY mInd whIle ii wAs sUppOsed 2 bee LearNing aNd
sO did thE thOughT of havinG twIns...if I have eM oN thE fiRsT 0ne, iM
nOt havIng aNymOre..thaT 3rd 1 gonna feeL lIke aN oddBaLL...thE dUde In
frOnT oF mE haD sOme viTaMin water aNd evidently hE waS thirsTy aNd
there fOre ii didn't geT too fiNisH...mY troPicaNa waS gOod
thO...stRaWbeRrY baNana aNd kiwI aLL iN 0nE

gooD thIng aBout mY clAss...mY iNstrUctor iS frOm BROOKLYN.

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