Thursday, February 12, 2009

ii JusT waNt sOmE gOurMeT gaLLey food!!!

EXtReMeLy lOng aNd sTressFuL daY sO imma kEep thIs 1oNe sHorT...fiRsT
oFf, iF tMobiLe wAs sOmethIng oTher thaN a phoNe coMpaNy, it wOuLd bE
aNn assWhoLe....FULL OF SHIT....there-now that I got that off mY

coNgraTulaTions to the mOunt oN gettIna victorY todaY...aNd fcUk rObert
MorriS!!!..aNd bRaD you're manager of the yeaR iN my bOok.

ANyways, aFter thE lOng hoUrs of cLaSs, cOntinuoUs fiGhts 2 stAy awaKe
iN clAss aNd coNstAnt arguIng wItH keV jaM aBout who's the better plaYer
beTwEen uS, iJusT waNt sOme gooD oL' gaLLeY food (photo)...I don't thInk
thAt wAs mucH 2 aSk fOr...bUt evideNtLy it waS fOr theSe peTty officers
tOdaY...gUess iT was thE BURGER KING NAVY todaY...bEcaUse tHese SaIlors
waNted to "HAVE IT THERE WAY"...sMH...goodnight*....LOVE YOU BRAVO...


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  2. So this is what we do during class hours sailor? Iight I got you..I'm on it nigga..good looking for da crack...da next leonardo da vinci...RodI..