Thursday, February 5, 2009


NOw tHaT the iCe hAs beeN bRokEn...iMma gO aHeaD aNd pOur aLiTTLe cIrOc
oBaMa oVeR iT aNd brEaK breaD wIth tHe wOrLd wiDe WeB.....rIght nOw I'm
siTting iN mY baRracKs-laYinG iN mY baRraCks- thInKinG aBout whaT iS iN
sTore fOr mY Life.....I jUst wiTnessEd the cEltics Lose aNd aLso
reaLized thAt cLeveLand caN beaT eM iN sIx6...

eVeryone yOung blaCk maLe wishes theY were a Kobe oR a bRon brOn...bUt
thE facT iS uU arE whaT uU arE....iM a United STates SaiLOr....k/b iS aN
aSpiring mUsiCaL geNius (a daM gOod 0ne.)...wE jusT tOok thE caRds On
tHe taBLe aNd dId whaT wE haD 2 dO wIth eM to sTaY iN thE game....thIs
wHoLe naVy thIng Is noT jUst foR thE beneFitS....iTs a tYpe of
commitmeNt aNd sTaBiLitY I FeLt lIke I nEedEd. 2 sTaY In...aNd nOw I
feEL LikE I can't bEe beaT...i waKe uP eVeRy mOrning aNd pIss awAY
faILure aNd iNhaLe sUcCeSs aNd taKe A LooK aT gReaTneSs iN thE
MirrOR....bUt tHeRe aRe sTILL mANy ImpeRfeCtiOns aBouT c/bee...I don't
haVe uNo yEt bUt tRuST, Y8-)U gOnna knOw wHeN iiM oUt....UntIL nExT tImE

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  1. i like this one. we do have to take the cards we are dealt and stop trying to play a hand we don't have. playing that way you'll end up losing.