Saturday, February 7, 2009

cLuB haLf aNd haLf:::::braCe yourselves...thIs is a Long 0ne

ii uSuaLLy don't-correction, NEVER- doo thIs buT R.O.T.H.F.L.M.A.O aT
cLuB 525....Never haVe I ever (sOmeThing lIke a gamE of kiNgs) bEeN to
aN estaBlisHmenT oF enTertaInmeNt whEre mEn daNceD iN cIrClEs wIth the
wOmeN oN thE oUtside, evERyOne staRing aT eaCh oThER lIke"if you dance,
I'll danCe" aNd tHe disC jOckEy lookEd liKe hE juSt gOt hiS leaRnErs
pErMiT. hE couldn't eVeN sEe oVer thE tuRntaBleS!!! oNcE ii tOok a lOoK
aT hiM I caMe twO the cOnclUsIon thAT hIs chOiCe of eaR lobE love
wouldn't bEe tHe greaTest...aNd oF coUrSe i waS pRoveN correcTLy.
mE peRsOnaLLy, I don't pAy mUch aTteNtiOn to the wOmeN or thE reSt of
the ciViLiaNs iN the CluB till the reggaE comeS on...luckiLy, kEv jAm
aNd jOe gOtta pOinTeD oUt a feW shItbaGs thAT neeDed to leave the cLUB
UNLUCKILY, the reggae waS thE "fcUk" oF the nIght. We all know if its
nOt aN all reggae clUb, eVery diSc jOckeY haS therE "reGgae moment"
where they play like 7 songs maX of wHaT theY thInk is reGgaE. Well, mr
dj heightLess livEs uP to hiS expectaTions aNd plAYs soMe tUnnaGe frOm
1995..thaT dmx track "here comes the boom?" I mean come on now....aNd
tHe saD thIng aBout it...eVeryone (excePt normal people like myself) waS
goiNg bananas like thIs track jUst caMe oUt...iiT wAs a saD nIght fOr
cLuB liFe aNd reGgaE musIc aS we knOw iT....aNd iM nOt eVen gOing 2
brIng uP thE fruIt caKes iN thEre....bUt tHe HIGHLIGHT Of thE night
waS rIght beFoRe I thRew thE gaRrisOn caP oN 2 leave.....iS it caLLed
"pass to ARAB?" I don't fCuKin kNow...bUt eVerYoNe eLse In thE cLub
dId....stEp for steP, evEry sIngle peRsOn in thAt cLub (excEpt for the
normal people like myself kev jam n gotti) including dj heightless
conducted thIs dUm aSs daNce like it was a right of passage....thIs iS
one tiMe whErE I waS eLateD to have cuRfew.

NEedless to saY,tonIghTs eveNts wErE waY more coMicAl thaN
entertaining...saw a lot of lames...saw vEry fEw nIce looking women (we
call it work in the navy), aNd wItnessed 0nE rd. Of bItchASSNESS... anD
if uU aRe wOndering, ii caLL it clUb half aNd half becaUse haLf of the
people haD nO busIness bEing in public dreSsed AND looking the waY tHey
looked aNd the other haLf jUsT aInt have sHiit eLse to do tonight aNd
hOped thAt cOming to the cLuB wOuld meaN haVing a good
night...negaTive..bUt hEy that's whAt theY navy is aBout..geTting your
hOpes uP...uNtiL nexT time civiLiaNs...cOme to the clUb wIth sOme

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