Friday, February 6, 2009

tWo2 qUarTerS aNd a BaLdiiE

l0l first off. juSt getting to A school, unfortunately has sheltered me from keeping uP on the world lates news in politics, economy, and thats it.. sports and music??? im right here on top like 12 .pm....Today i get a little free time from my working party and instead of getting some sleep, i dOo some surfiin...i type in 50 cent and rick ross beef and look what pops even though it looks nothing like ross.....u see what im trying to say?...50 cent makes it seem like this beef started from nothing...a stare or some shiit...ross is claiming 50 is at it again because his music isnt selling...too bee honest, even though the man is walking around with my college tuition on his pinky, i never really liked his approach. Ross is just another rapper to mee with a few hits. put both of em together and u get a comical feud.... i can care less whAt happens at the end of this beef because at the end of the day, these two wont bee any better than they were the morning before....but 50 is paid and it would bee a shame iF ross aCtually reNts hiS jewlery..whaT do uU think??

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