Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rd. 1oNe.

iMma gO ahead and shatter this awkward feeLing of wriIting to people I don't even kNow may read thIs...mY nAme iS caLvin...sOme caLL me chaRlie....soMe caLL me c/b bUt oNly two caLLs me sOn aNd 0ne bIg brotHer.....nEver thOught I'd enD uP bloggiNg....sOmething new for mE. I woUld Like tO thank the United States Navy aNd Naval HosPitaL cOrps schooL for providing with the time/boredom to brIng tO uU mY life anD whaT it enTaILs iN higH deF...uNtIL nexT tIme ...Love PeaCe aNd dOpe<---- goT thaT frOm mY shIpmaTe BaTTLe fRoM cALi...wEsT cOaSt saILor


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