Monday, February 9, 2009

aNoThER daY, aNother sOmeThiNg

THaNkyOu uU GOD fOr aLLowIng mE tO eXpReSs mYsELF oVeR tHeSe aIr waVes
fOr rEaDerS tO vIeW tHe ePitoMe Of gReaTneSs...nOw thAt I gAve CRedIt
wHerE CreDIt iS dUe.......tOdaY waS oNe oF thOse GarFiELd mOnDaYs...the
weaTheR wAS maD reTarded...iN illiNois, iN FeBrUaRy bY thE waY, 50
deGrEeS iS lIke 100 anYwhere eLsE...eVideNtLy, thAT waS sUppOsed tO bee
the teMp today, bUt sTeve HaRveY decIded to lie on hIs raDiO sHoW aNd
tHeRe fOre I wAs a LittLe chILLy tOdaY...yea...waY tO gO sTeVe...oThER
thaN tHaT, KeV jaM gOt iNjurEd todaY aFter sOme LaMe_o pUt eM on His aSs
(oF coUrSe hE fEeLs dIffeRent)....bUt tHe HigHlIght oF thE daY wAS the
Photo sHowN aBove..I didn't caTch thE graMmyS laSt niGHt bUt I kNow mY
"look a like" hELd iT dOwN lIke graVitY...creaTiviTy aT iTs BesT...I bET
He thaNks GOD oVertiMe he gOes On sTage....wHeN thEy maKe aMovIe abOut
hIm, mAkE sUrE uU cALL mE JaY.

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