Monday, February 16, 2009

aS ii sIt bcAK rElAX

tHaT iS thE cLoSesT I've eVer Been tO thE oceaN...bUt plEaSe beLievE iLL
bEe gettIng a lot clOsEr!!! iM liSteNing to thIs nEw q_tiP cD aNd iTs
preTTy officiaL..iM not goNna frOnt, ivE neVer boUght a q_tip cd and I
rarely listen tO hiM...bUt thIs oNe iS hItting hOme...I CoUlD aPPly it
to jUst raNdOm shIt haPpeNing iN mY lifetiMe. IMma pRobably have heads
readIng thIs lIke "he shoulda been a fan."sorrY for the
deLaY bUt iM oN it...thIs pIctuRe iS the waY I feeL as ii viBe tO tHis
jOint...wHaT doEs thE woRLd haVe to offEr c/b...becaUse ii gOt sO mucH
tO giVe baCk..thIs bLog iS jUst liGht_woRk....mY goAL aS a coRpsmaN iN
thE uNiteD stAtes nAVy iS to fInd oUt whaTs oUt therE foR mE...thIs Is
jUst sOme sTuff that roLLs aRoUnd iN mY cRane_IUM...yaLL taKe iT eaSy
oUt thErE...

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