Saturday, March 7, 2009


tHeSe mAc coMputeRS aRe soMethin SerioUS.....(hi baRb)...

ii cAnt sLeep...i waNNa go ii blog to get my mind off it.

wHats gOing throUgh mY mInd riGht noW (like riGht noW)

_how lOng is it going tO take thIS blue teeTh to chARGE
_iF keV jam is goiNg to Stop snOring anytIme soOn
_whAt oTher featureS thIs mAc hAs tO offEr aS ii wRitE thiS blOg (thE keYS keeP lighTing uP oN mE)
_aM ii gOing tO faLL aSleeP sOOn oR whaT becAuse iM noT tirEd
_listenIng tO lUthEr VandroSS
_mY dOg
_wHat iT woUld bE liKe iF ii jOined The aiRfoRce
_iF whOeveR reAds mY blOg fIndS iT intereSting oR nOt
_whEthEr tHey aRe mAn/woMan enOugH to tELL mE
_kAnye'S neW laDy friEnd/ dOeS she gEt a lIghT ceAsaR aLSo?
_goIng tO go lay dowN afTer thE period aT the eNd oF thiS sEnTenCE.



  1. as for Kanye's chick! yes sir she gets it cleaned up! ha!