Friday, July 10, 2009

hOmE iN c/B-h_D

i been naggin pleading to come hOme from great mistakes. now, i am finally home. it wasnT until a few days after i stepped fOOt in my brib "uPtown" that i can finally say "it feels good to be back," not hOme but back.

mOm still watches judge judy at 7, brooklyn still pees on the corner of the peE paD, anD the LIL SiS still iSnT trying to give thE ipOd uP......jUst a few things to Let mE Know the GoosE is stiLL thE gooSe....

a positve is i actually came back at a decent time of is nice, women walk around with barely anything on (im kidding), and all the homies are home from going to enjoy the summer for a few reasons= 1. im charlie bee and this is what i do 2. i gotta begin my monarch career wiTh an extraordinary eL veraNo and 3. wHy noT??

thEse are jUst a few snaPshots of my returN..b.e. Patient for the rest...WATCH H.I.M. TAHHHHHHHH


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