Monday, August 24, 2009


the paSt two weekeNds iN vA waSnt the brightesT for mE/// but those flashing lightS//// Nevermind/// thats another one

New York tho?? i enjoyed iT// made a few dime moves And said a few jokes///then i got sick// somebody prescribe me some mediCine//anywhOOt

i also hit the wax museum while i was hOme. and a s/n= never walk and text on 42nd street/// it could bee your last days as a walking huMan. the pics i took were with the people that meant the absoLute mosT to mE// l0l

but to make my trip suave o/d i hitt this ROOFTOP parTy courtesY of princeSS jaii and mY sELf proclaimed homegurl DeeJa// that shit was live and i was way to high/but not in that sense// to bee snaPPin pics. i really didnt want to leave NY this time around. Virgina is .....just Virginia. only watts that brighten up my day is my tweet fidda didda. but iM back on my blog shit/// reaL raP

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