Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ii TOLd uU sO tuesDaY

EVerY wiN wE gEt, ii AlwaYs coMMenD My pRocLaImed PlaYeR oF thE
gAmE...wE are dOing LebroN a faVor wHen iT cOmes tO the kObe LebRon
DebaTe....aLL I'm saYin iS koBe wouldn't beE dOwn 3 gaMes tO 1...bUt
thEn aGain wE are The mAgIc...biG uPs tO aLstoN tHo..26 twO aNd
foUr...aNd based oN thIs pIc, ii sEe uU never lOst thE nicK naMe (checK
hiS feeT woRk)

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