Sunday, May 10, 2009

iTs aLmost oVer....wELL nOt reaLLy

ITs sUnDay....mOmmaS daY aNd aLso the daY mY bRotHer graDuaTed frOm
cOLLege....sO iTs trUe, yoU can graduAte frOm coLLege wiThout haVing
cOmmOn seNse...l0lz

tOdaY maDe mE miSs mY famILy bacK iN the easT...I saW my mOmma on
mOthers day aNd ii watched mY olDer Brother waLk across tHe staGe aNd
geT hIs degRee Or whaTever iT is theY get...iNstead iM in gReaT LakeS,
iL doIn thIs ruBBisH...I'm jUst readY tO gO baCk easT aNd cOntiNue w/
LivIng lIfe....

IN aBout 5 daYs, iM gOing tO waLk acroSs a stAge oF mY owN, receIve a
squAreD pIecE oF pAper aS uSuaL, aNd bE coNsiderEd a hOspItaL cOrpSmaN
iN thE U.s. NaVY...nO biG deaL...ii jUst saVe Lives..bUt iNstead Of
cOming hOme rIght thEN aNd thErE, ii gOt aNother 6 weeKs uNder mY
beLt...6 wEeKs of deaLing wiTh teeTh, tEeTh, aNd sOme mOre
teeTh...(yes!!!!)..reAL taLk thO, eVen thO ii WaNNa maKe a caReer oUt oF
sOme teeTh, thIs iS 0ne tIme wHere ii wiSh ii cAn leAve tHe teeTh aLone
dUe to tHe facT thaT iM sO daM HOMESICK!!!

oN a mOre PositiVe noTe, nExT wEeK ii gET a LiL mIni vAcaTiOn, whIch
giVeS mE a chAnce tO treAt tHIs hOme_sicKneSs iM sUffErIng fROm....Nov
17tH waS tHe LasT tIme ii sAw mY bRotHer(I got a third)...ii caLL hIm mY
broTher bEcaUse.....wELL we dO whAt broThers Do...sO I'm heaDeD oUt tO
aTLaNta tO sEe hOw mY faMiLy iS LivIn...ii NeveR beeN oUtsIde thE
aiRporT iN aTLaNta sO hOpefULLy it won't dO mE Like cHicaGo dId

sOmetHing tHaT hAs kEpt mE saNe hErE iN tHe LakeS iS tHis frIendsHip ii
hAve wIth sOmeoNe thaT cOntinUes tO grOw...iT goEs baCK tO hiGh sChOOL
wHere aPPareNtLy (sp) ii waS sOme wHere thaT ii wasn't!! (U need a sams
club card to go to sams club!)....beSideS thaT, wE shAre sImiLar
eXperieNces aNd coNtiNue tO eVerYdaY....Like sHe saId...."it caN gO faR
or jUst a few Inches..." eItHer waY yOur stILL mY "chEeSebUrgEr iN

aLL gOod thIngs mUsT cOme tO aN eNd aNd thaNks to keV jaM ii goTta bee
reaDy bY o53o...bUenOs noChes

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