Thursday, May 14, 2009

oH yEa...aNd thIs faCe

GRaduAteS tOmOrrOw......aLL tHe cOmPlaInIng iVe BeEn dOiNg siNcE ii
StArtEd thIs gEtS ackNowLedgEd whEn ii gEt a sQuaReD pIecE oF pApEr
(LikE ALwaYs)....a PosiTive??? iiLL bEe a hOspItaL coRpsMan (wIkI
iT)...nO bIg deaL...bUt beForE ii gEt tO exCiteD aBout thIs, ii nEed tO
geT tHrouGh toDaY....

Id Like tO tHaNks kEv Jam aNd jOe goTTi fOr aLLowIng mY coRps schOOl
exPerienCe tO bEe aS "iNtereStiNg" aS iiT waS..nO Lie ii ProBabLy wOuld
hAve bEEn hEre a LIttLe whILe lOnger iF iT wasn't foR tHem tO coMpete
aGaInsT....bUt lIke mY mAN FaB saId.....THERE IS NO COMPETITION!!!!!!!


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  1. thats a huge accomplishment DAMNNNNN,